Jessica Howard
Jessica Howard, AKA Earth Star, has been pagan for the past 10 years, studying a variety of different paths and incorporating them into her own eclectic path. As a solitary pagan, most of what she has learnt has been through authors such as Raymond Buckland, Cassandra Eason and Marian Green, and the wonderful folks and the Pagan Friends Forum. She grew up on the Isle of Wight and studied Creative Writing and Drama at Winchester University, and after moving to South Africa for three months, moved back to England and settled in Hampshire. Her interests include reading, shopping, writing for webzines, arts and crafts and getting involved in helping her local community and the environment.

Linda Gibson

Linda was born in 1960 in Torquay, South Devon, and lived there with her parents and brothers until 1978 when her parents moved to Stoke-On-Trent, Staffordshire. Shortly after moving to Stoke, she met her now husband. She still lives in Stoke with her husband and they have three grown up children, and a young granddaughter. Linda is an avid reader, and decided five years ago, at the age of 47, to try her hand at writing fiction. She passed two creative writing courses with the Open University, and was truly bitten by the writing bug! Linda feels she is still at development stage, and is specializing in cross-over fiction within the science fiction/fantasy genre. Linda is currently working on her first novel, and its her dream to be published, and to see her books in the shops.


Midori is 64, long term Pagan, originally trained in a Gardnerian Coven, now working a minimalist style of Druidry and Witchcraft, heavy on the Ancestors, genius locii and conservation. Family roots in Brittany, with Welsh, Cornish and Irish, in short a real Celtic Mutt! She is also a Pagan Hospital Visitor and Celebrant.

Suzannah Defoe

Suzannah is a 29 year old eclectic witch with a great love of dragons, whisky and chocolate. She lives alone with her cat and is slightly insane. She lives in a wine bucket with gnomes outside gambolling around with purple unicorns.

T. Fox Dunham

T. Fox Dunham resides outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He’s a modern Bard, well published. He’s a cancer survivor, and his articles for Pagan Friends often speak of what he calls The People’s Magick or Common Magick.

Rebecca L. Brown

Rebecca L. Brown is a writer, businesswoman and retired archaeologist. Her friends and family call her Bear. Rebecca lives in Cardiff, South Wales, with her partner, newts and cats. She is a practicing Pagan and the main editor of the Pagan Friends Webzine.

In her spare time, she throws knives, lifts weights and knits. Not all at the same time, although she wishes she could.


Beth Holtum

Hi, I’m Beth, and I’ve been part of the Pagan Friends moderators’ team since the forum was created.

Nowadays I’m a mu

m of 3, and run a crystal shop in Wadebridge, Cornwall. I’ve been working in alternative health for 10 years, having trained as a homeopath, and in several other therapies, including crystal healing. I consider myself blessed to have an everyday life that is immersed in my beliefs and interests.

Beth Holtum

I’m the youngest of a large family, and used the freedom that gave me from an early age to roam, make potions out of flowers and mud and learn from an old lady who knew a trick or two with plants and herbs. That set the scene for my path, but the main foundation was from Father’s side, with a Scottish lineage of medics, and an arsenal of proper prescriptions, which were true recipes for a pharmacist to mix together…. not ‘eye of newt’ but ‘tincture of violet’, etc. My childhood was pampered by concoctions like ‘bruise cream’ & ‘Popa’s gargle’ and ‘Gran’s lip cream’.

I’ve always had a slightly sideways look on life, one that goes with being dyslexic and pagan. I’ve referred to myself as pagan since I was 15. That was the time when I started to discover books and like-minded people. It was like putting words to feelings and knowings I had already about our ability to work with energies and nature. Above all, it was great to get confirmation that I wasn’t just imagining it! It was wonderful to find so much material and information that had been recorded and shared by others. That’s why I’m so pleased we have Pagan Friends – as it can provide a safe meeting place for anyone interested in paganism, or feeling isolated, to connect and share information and experiences.